Tips for Selling

Emotional involvement

Of course this is your home, the perfect home for you and perhaps your family a home with many memories. However, you need to think objectively. Your idea of perfect isn’t necessarily someone else’s. You want to make your property look as neutral as possible so that your potential buyer can begin to see themselves living in your property. It’s also important to choose an agent that is available to show prospective buyers around your property as the agent will not have that emotional attachment just a passion for making a sale.

Kerb appeal

The first thing a buyer is likely to see is your windows. Unclean windows can give the wrong impression. To ensure this doesn't happen wash all of your windows inside and out, ensuring that they are void of all smears and sparkle in the sunshine. While you are at it, you may wish to make sure all curtains and dusty blinds are cleaned.

Your front and back garden / space need to be ready for viewings. Dried up leaves need clearing, overgrown bushes need pruning and your grass may also need cutting. Having a tidy outdoor space ensures that your house has great kerb appeal for anyone driving past.

Seeing flowers and plants at your property will definitely add to its appeal. If you are short on soil, plant them in containers and place them where they can be seen.


Ensure your floors and carpets are cleaned to perfection. Be sure to reach the areas that are often missed and give those skirting boards a good scrub.

Add colours to your interiors. Brighten a room with flowers, add coloured towels to bathrooms and bright living areas with clean cushions.

The sun doesn’t always shine on your property so be prepared. If it rains, have a doormat at your entrance for people to wipe their feet, and have a bucket on standby for umbrellas so the carpets you have just vacuumed stay clean.

Try to create a blank canvas where buyers can imagine their own furniture and possessions in your property. Keeping a clutter free property as much as possible is one way to help.

If your windows are really old, broken or out of keeping with the rest your house, then it may be worthwhile investing in repairs or replacements. Seek advice from your agent before making any major changes or spending large sums of money.